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homehomeSOME PROTOTYPESMOTO BIKE (Automatically translated article)



La nostra Moto-Bike elettrica 100% made in Italy.


The SEM MotoBike concept represents the perfect fusion between the world of mountain biking and the one of enduro motorbikes, with independent management between pedaling and electric propulsion; it is a hybrid vehicle that allows you to reach the most popular destinations, on any type of route, with maximum fun with zero emissions.

It is a step beyond the traditional e-bike, it is excellent for those who love to have fun on the paths or those who use it similar to downhill or enduro

Sem Moto Bike Snow

It is equipped with a brushless electric motor, with power from 2,000W to over 4,000W. This immediately guarantees the feeling of a motorcycle but with reduced weight and the handling of a Mtb.

Motore moto bike SEM

Moto bike SEM

Our MotoBike features a knob accelerator control that allows you to manage the desired power as it happens in the Enduro or Trial segments, while the pedaling is comparable to the one of a traditional MTB and allows you to choose the perfect symbiosis at any time between power and autonomy, combined with the level of physical exercise you prefer.

The bike has a dual transmission system that makes the engine independent from the traditional transmission. On the right there is a classic 11-speed transmission while on the left there is a transmission dedicated to the engine via belt or chain.

This makes it possible to move forward even without the use of pedaling and thus allows you to face any driving situation, even where pedaling is complicated, for example in more technical climbs, between narrow passages or when encountering more difficult obstacles

The MotoBike can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h. Its autonomy is about 20-40% more than what you can get from the Sport mode of an E-MTB, thanks to the 52V - 17.5 Ah lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 910 Wh.

With a light pedal stroke and without using too much the engine you can easily travel 40/50 km and 1,500 m in altitude but with a much more faster step than a pedal-assisted bicycle, giving You the possibility to reach any destination.

In the case you run out of energy, you still have the option to go homesimply pedaling

The aluminum frame is equipped with a double plate fork (according to the options) with a 200 mm front and rear stroke that allows you to tackle any obstacle. Braking is guaranteed by 203 mm disc brakes on both wheels, the front 29 "and the rear 27.5".


The weight varies according to the model and is slightly higher than a normal E-MTB: the power to weight ratio is unparalleled: 30 kg if equipped with a 4,000W motor!

In February 2019 we started production after two years of study and design and we made 25 pieces of the pre-series of the SEM ADVENTURE model in order to check for any problems or weak points.


You can contact us at for more information.

You can also visit our facebook page. 

Technical specifications



4,000 W brushless motor integrated into the frame through billet housings.

Torque max 130 Nm


Standard: 4000W - Eco: 2000W


Separate chain and freewheel system

Drivetrains 11 speed


50 Km/h

Removable battery

Lithium Ion, Samsung cells - 52V - 17.5 Ah - 910 Wh

Electric recharge

(220V) 4.5 hours - 58.8V 4 A


50 Km - Positive difference in altitude 1,500 m (indicative based on the route and method of use).


Front/Rear Disc 203mm.


Front tires 29 "x 2.35" and rear 27.5 " x 2.8"


200 / 200mm


High resistance aluminum

Bike Bike

  • render7.110.jpg

  • render7.111.jpg

  • render7.114.jpg

  • SEM-Nera-2.jpg

  • SEM-Nera-5.jpg

  • SEM-Nera-3.jpg

  • SEM-Nera-1.jpg

  • SEM-Bianca-1.jpg

  • SEM-Bianca-2.jpg

  • SEM-Bianca-5.jpg

  • SEM-Bianca-3.jpg

  • Stampo-bici-.jpg

  • 58902271_640234209734647_6382511965259956224_o.jpg

  • 59337343_640237399734328_7515792056141217792_o.jpg

  • 58902333_640233163068085_6432459127787618304_o.jpg

  • 57238939_640235539734514_8556295686583222272_o.jpg

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